QR Code Wall Decals

QR Code Wall Decals - QR Code Bear
QR Code Wall Decals – QR Code Bear

Qr Code Wall Decals allow you to stick QR Codes anywhere in your business or office. This can be directly on a wall or window or door as needed.

You have seen this on restaurant tables, entrance doors or even walls within businesses you have visited recently. these types of decals are easily created using our QR Code Bear generator which allows you to create free QR codes. We have partnered with Zazzle to help businesses quickly print their codes. More Info on Zazzle.

Example: QR Code Wall Decal Sticker Packs for Business

QR Code Wall Decals – Ideas on How To Use Them:

QR Code Wall Decals - QR Code Bear
QR Code Stickers and Wall Decals

Asking for Reviews?

Every business should be asking for reviews, especially from the customers that love us. Typing in a long URL to have someone post a kind review isn’t always easy. Let your customers scan a QR Code to quickly bring them exactly where they need. You could have a QR Code for each review site, such as Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, and more. Another idea is to have a page on your website with links to all your review sites. A customer could easily scan the wall decals and access your review page easily.

For Menus

By now you may have experienced this already but a simple QR Code will allow you to send people to your lastest menu without the need of having to reprint menus when certain foods are out of tock or not available.

Office Info

Scanning a QR Code Wall Decal near the conference room will allow your coworkers to quickly scan and view the room calendar to see if the conference room is available or to allow folks to quickly book the room for their upcoming TPS reports meeting.

QR Code Wall Decals

Do you have any ideas on how to use QR Code Wall decals? Let us know!